Quality Control : 

1. All Production under one roof,no sub-factory. 

2. Lab Test Doing 100% "In-store inspection" when material is storing in our warehouse at our laboratory by Q.C. department, i.e., F/R, Water Repellent, Tally Checking,Color Fastness,Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, etc, which are same facilities as MTL. 

3. Inspection on line process Experienced Q.C. inspectors are put into the on-line process and they are doing "Stop Call" when they find any defects in line. By which, we can minimize the defects of completely joined products.

 4. 100% set-up inspection Doing 100% set-up inspection for every products we make (in case of Cabin, we're using hanging system) so that we never release completed products with defects 5. Loading & Rigidity test We have Loading & Rigidity test kit, and doing actualtest of load & rigidity for every new developed models and every products randomly.